Band of Brothers :William °Wild Bill° Guarnere

This is one of the books that changed my life :Band of Brothers.

You get a look inside the daily fights in ww2, seen through the eyes of the paratroopers who fought for our freedom. Heroes!

When the HBO series came out… I was overwhelmed. The acting is so good! Also the documentary with the real paratroopers is so emotional and touches your heart.

I love every single paratrooper in real life and in the series!  I want to put Bill in the spotlight. Hè wrote you back when you took the time to write and send him a letter. His letters Where charming and sweet.

Hè is watching over us now. An angel in the sky. Hè passed away in March  2014.

One of my treasures is the signed print of the canons   (scène in band of Brothers)

Bill was born  in Philly on 28 april 1924. Hè reminded me of my grandpa. Even after all that has happend to this men, They kept on living and followed their heart.

The actor,  Frank John Hughes who played Bill was awesome.  Just like the whole cast!

Bill was funny and would always listen to you. He had an attitude towards the enemy.

One of his best friends Babe  (Heffron) was always by his side.  They shone like diamonds. They still do!!

Bill inspired me to go to Italy… Where his Brother fought and died. Standing there in that beautifull nature it was hard to believe that there ever was a war. Hidden behind the trees there was a cenetary.  A German ww2 burial ground. Untill then Ive Never ever seen one…. I payed my respect to the soldiers.  They fought on the wrong site.  But they werent all evil. The normal soldier fought to stay alive.  Thats something my grandpa used to say. The real heroes died in the war. Thats what Bill could have Said.  Its doublé But I understand them. Nazi’s Where bad. The real SS was bad. Normal soldiers could have been you or me. My grandpa was forced to work in an ammunution fabric. His ww2 was terrible. But hè met my grandma because of it. Bad things can produce goodness.  See the goodness in people.  A wise lesson ☺

Bill (the real one and the actor)on youtube

Website Willdbillmemorial

Facebook Wild Bill Guernere

Ive been to Bastogne and several museums. Burned candles on graves of soldiers  ( even for a few german soldiers). Ive seen pictures… read  books. …saw the Dakota fly….. and Ive seen the tanks. …. weapons and am very glad to have known Bill  Just a little bit. Hè is the first person who came to life for real… I met him as a soldier in a book and later I got a letter.  One of my heroes for ever.

Hè will live on in many hèarts,  books and on the big screen. Online there are several sites wich remember him.

Gone But Never Forgotten.


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