Eugene *Sledgehammer* Sledge



I am impressed by all veterans. This time I want to tell you about Eugene and my views and thoughts about him.

In the series his story starts with a heart-murmur. He really wants to join the Marines and his best friend Sidney Philips.

Eugene grew up in Mobile Alabama. He seems to be a very good and charming young man. A bit silent perhaps…But that changes in the war. The war really gets to him. You can see the change very well in the series.

I love his talks with Snafu. He doesnt sais much….But when he does……Snafu, triggers something in Eugene…….


During his time in the Pacific several people have seen him writing little notes. He used it for his book ‘With The old Breed’. This sounds so familiair to me. When i write, i use notes aswell.. Sticky notes all over the place. I think i am a bit Chaotic though……..


The things he sees in the Pacific are horrible. It hunted him for the rest of his life. I really love the series, because they show him after the war. It wasnt easy to find your way back to normal life. He had all the signs of PTTS. It breaks my heart, everytime is see it. The war took his toll, on him and many others. It reminds you again: They gave up so much to make this world a better/ safer place!

He keeps warming my heart, with his actions. Like when he sits down with deadly wounded japanese young mother. The fact that he stayed human, means he was so strong. Tears in my eyes, all the time.

The Pacific……Personally i would have gone crazy. The Japanese killed themselves because it was honourfull in their eyes. They kept on coming, you had to shoot all of them. Unbelievable Courage, or kamikaze? Who can tell? i am not sure. Somewhere in the middle i guess. The Japanese had no choice. They take honour very serious, just like the Samurai. I will never understand that part…..

Everytime i see the series….It gives me the shivers.


The actor who plays him is Joseph Mazello. He was the boy Tim in Jurassic Park. It took me a while to realize that…..As eugene, he really becomes Eugene. Its the same for the other actors. When you watch, you forget they are acting, its so real! Eugene is a man to my heart! I watch the series a few times, every year (same as Band of brothers). I see new things every time. I can watch it over and over again. Get pissed of, be angry, smile, love and cry. Its amazing! I dont have that very often……

The upholding rain that flushed them away, must have made them crazy. Eugene seems to accept it. What else could he do?


Eugene’s brother fought in the war aswell:in Europe

In europe, they had one of the coldest winters ever. But in The Pacific they fought in the Jungle or in open places with no shelter at all….. So much for foxholes….They lost so many Marines. Sometimes i think, its the forgotten part of WW2. Here in Europe, the fights against the Germans where much closer to our homes. But we must never forget, the Japanese had to be stopped aswell. Im so glad they never won. The War in the Pacific ended very drastic. With a *new* kind of bomb – They say in the series.

After the War Eugene had a very learnfull  life: university, learned, became a profesor. This part of him, i really love. Im still learning new things every day. I love to learn. Yep, im one of the nerds. For me its History, for Eugene it was Biology, Zoology, Comparative anatomy and many other interests. He was loved by his students.

He was married for nearly 50 years and had 2 sons. He died in 2001. Joseph Mazello gave him a face. Sadly the real Eugene never met him. His story needed to be told. I am glad he did. I read alot about the war in The Pacific now…… Heroes. Thanks HBO for giving me this story on film, thanks Eugene for writing your book!







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