Band of Brothers & The Pacific 

Im a huge fan of the series and the books.  About 5 years ago I decided 2 read more ww2  stories. Ive read so many. But the stories of Europe and the Pacific are my treasures…. there are tonz of books about soldiers and their expierence(s) in the war.  I keep finding books for my collection. The past weeks I got 3 books I wanted for ages.  Import takes a while  (or months ). But im always happy to add them to my collection. And there are many more books I want! Every personal story should be told.

After seeing Hacksaw Ridge the movie last week… I added Desmond Doss his book to my evergrowing wishlist.  Youre Never to old to learn and read more stories. To my opinion ww2 stories have to be read in english.  So I have many more books ahead of me. 

Ww2 is personal 2 me. 

My interest in ww2 will Never go away. 

My grandparents had a hard time in the war. They had to eat flowerbulbs to stay alive. 

My other grandpa met my grandma in the war. Hè was catholic and forced to work in an ammunution fabric  (flak granates) in Germany. There hè met his best friend. And his bff had a sister… my grandma.  

The war brought me goodness aswell:the love of my life. Never forget that! My grandpa said. Hè was badly injured when the fabric was bombed.  But hè survived. One of My personal heroes 😍.

*We will always remember them,by keeping their stories alive*

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