Marcus Brotherton – Shify’s War

This is the biography of the famous Shifty Powers. He was a member of easy company, paratrooper and sharpshooter in ww2. He fought in Normandy, Holland and Germany.

The story starts with his childhood. How he grew up in the Freedom of the green forest. And he lived almost his whole life in Chlincho, Virginia. He learned to hear things in the forest,feel the nature and see better. This helped him alot during the war.

He tells about his family and town. You get to see where he found his best friend Popeye Wynn. Together they joined the paratroopers. He made alot of Friends in the company.

New unknown stories will pop up. As a band of brothers fan, this book is a must. Youll get to know Shifty and what drives him. What was important for him? How did he survive Bastogne and what are his memories of Holland?

Af ter the war he went back to his parents. Lived in a few other places, but always missed his hometown. He talks about getting older, fighting desease (s) and his kids and grandchildren growing

up. He loved life and did not need much. I love the end of his story. He Let go and found his peace. True hero. I think he is with his old Friends Again, telling tales in heaven.
This book touched my heart and warmed my soul. Rip, Shifty. Currahee!!!!


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