Yesterday I went to see the movie. This was on my wishlist since I heard they filmed parts in my own country :Holland.

Operation Dynamo.

400.000 people needed to get back to the the United Kingdom, while the Germans are getting closer. The Germans had to stand down. Hitler told them so. I read the history before I saw the movie.  Hitler made a mistake and the evacuation of Dunkirk became a race against the clock. Will they all make it across the water?

You follow several storylines. First are the soldiers on land who want to get home.

Second is the story on the water. The ships that get hit by torpedo’s and the people who are trying to survive.

Third are the Spitfire pilots Farrier And Collins. These scènes are amazing. Its like you are flying thriller plane! Youre in the plane. Amazing! When they fly over, the ground shakes and the sound is loud!  I love that sound.

Imagine you are standing on a beach and a Spitfire or Heinkel is taking a diverse and is coming right at you. (It happened to me in an airshow last month with f- 16 planes.  I can tell you: you will freeze and think :this is it.  Im dead! I have Dreams of the f-16 ‘s hunting me down ever since).

The camera work is outstanding . Christopher Nolan knows how to make you feel part of the story. Hè is a magician with the camera. Its all so real. The music makes you realize that time is ticking away  (sometimes you hear the ticking,or maybe it was my heartbeat? ).

The cast is outstanding. The youngsters Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles are good! (Harry is Playing a soldier and sometimes I thought : I dont like his charachter. And hè played it so convincing! Thats so good for a first role! To play someone most viewers wont like very much. Hè doesnt play the sweetheart.

Cillian murphy plays A man who is shivering, scared and wants to go home so bad. I felt so sorry for him.

The crew on one of the little boats, will touch your heart. They Come to rescue the soldiers.

Tom Hardy is a pilot and I love his scenes. The same for Jack Lowden. Hè plays pilot Collins. I hope to see more of that actor in the future!

The movie starts with a small screen and gets bigger.  At some points in the movie Its smaller again. I didnot notice it at all. I was sucked into the story.

This movie is very impressing and tells an Untold ww2 story in the best way possible.

The end came to fast 😉.  I could have watched many more hours.

Dunkirk isnt Just a movie. ..

Its an experience! !!!!

I want to see it again and again.  Read the book. And see it again.