Band of Brothers

Here i will write about the book, the real veterans and series 😉 In English!



This is the biography of the famous Shifty Powers. He was a member of easy company, paratrooper and sharpshooter in ww2. He fought in Normandy, Holland and Germany.


The story starts with his childhood. How he grew up in the Freedom of the green forest. And he lived almost his whole life in Chlincho, Virginia. He learned to hear things in the forest,feel the nature and see better. This helped him alot during the war.

He tells about his family and town. You get to see where he found his best friend Popeye Wynn. Together they joined the paratroopers. He made alot of Friends in the company.

New unknown stories will pop up. As a band of brothers fan, this book is a must. Youll get to know Shifty and what drives him. What was important for him? How did he survive Bastogne and what are his memories of Holland?


Af ter the war he went back to his parents. Lived in a few other places, but always missed his hometown. He talks about getting older, fighting desease (s) and his kids and grandchildren growing

up. He loved life and did not need much. I love the end of his story. He Let go and found his peace. True hero. I think he is with his old Friends Again, telling tales in heaven.
This book touched my heart and warmed my soul. Rip, Shifty. Currahee!!!!






Malarkey takes you with him, to the life he had before the war. He grew up in a very green area. He went fishing and camping alot. His parents owned a cabin in the forrest. He is very open about his family. His First love, his life on the university. And then he joined the Paratroopers. They are the best! He fully admitts that Sobel made them great soldiers. But man, he gave them a hard time! He got to know Skip Muck at the same time he got to know Currahee. I really love the fact that he tells alot about Skip. Skip was an awesome friend. This again shows how well the actorswhere cast for the series. Malarkey grew close with actor Richard Speight Junior. The way Malarkey discribes Skip ( and esp his smile), Richard does that perfectly! You will learn new things about Joe toye and others. It gives you the feeling you get to know these men even better. Malarkey writes about his sadness and grief but also about the fun he had in England. His view on Bastogne broke my heart. He had so many doubts, had his fingers on the trigger several times. Did he want to stay alive? Is was so cold, friends kept dying, he wanted rest. But giving up wasnt an option, he kept on going. A survivor!  In the series it seems like he ever got wounded, but for real: he has seen quite a few hospitals.

After the war, he found the love of his life, became a father, was happy, but hen ever got over the loss of his best friend. He takes you with him to Skip his Grave and other places he visited in the war. Its heartbreaking how much pain he feels for losing Skip. But i understand him very well. I lost my best friend almost 10 yrs ago. You will never stop missing him. Thats the truth!

Its very good to read the sory of Easy Company through the eyes of the real soldiers. If you loved the mini-seires, you simply have to! Not everything is the same in the series. They changed things. Like when Sobel salutes Winters in the wrong way…Nixon sits next to him in the car. For real it was Malarkey sitting next to Winters. There are more things. Malarkey will say: Its Hollywood. I say: its the best series ever! I love all the stories and versions . Like the Wild Bill action in normandy, when he shot the soldiers and horses. Ive read different versions. Malarkeys version is different from Bills and Winters. They’ve all seen it in a different way.

Beautifull pictures make the story complete!

Im giving this book 5 ***** because its real and heartwarming!



bill 2

Two men met in Europe, WW2. They found out, they both came from Philly and became very close friends from the first minute. In this book you will read what theyve been through during the war. Its all written as seen -through their eyes.  They tell their story on their own way, sometimes they can end the sentance of the other, sometimes to  tell a bit more or to make a joke. They are friends for life (and im sure they still are, but in heaven).

They start about their childhood years, before the war. How it was to grow up without a penny in your pocket. Bill was the baby at home, he learned to stand up for himself and got what he wanted, most of the time. Babe grew up in a different family, a few blcohks away from Bill. They never met eachother before the war. Its very funny to read about their younger years. They say what they want and what they feel. Very open! I agree with everything they say about the modern world!

The War starts in Normandy for Bill, Babe joins a bit later. The men who where trained by Sobel rarely got attached towards replacements. But Babe was in their circle from the first moment he met Bill.

You will read new things. Like Bills joyride and injury. But also Bill as a ladiesmen (Babe has had an affair in late war), hiding women in the attic. He somehow got away easy with things, when they cought him.

bill 3

You will learn new things about other soldiers. Babes story about the bunker is one of the untold stories. He Always thought: What if i did that different? it never left his mind. Its in the series, but in a different way. They added it in a Carentan scene ( Babe wasnt there ofcourse) with other soldiers. As a fan you will recognize that scene!

Bill lost his leg in Bastogne, saving Joe Toye. Together they really terrorised the nurses in all the hospitals, racing around in wheelchairs. Naughty boys ;-).

Babe went on fighting. The rest of the war is seen through his eyes. Untill they met again after the war. What a guys!

Its filled with humour, action and sadness. Theyve seen terrible things when they where young!

Babe is still heartbroken about the death of Julian. He was his buddy.

Bill was a ladiesmen and he could get out of situations without any punishment. here we would say: He has an honest face. so you believed him. It made me laugh alot. Naughty guy!

Robyn post writes fluently, so you read it very fast.

I also loved the stories of Frank John Hughes and Robin Laing. They write about Babe and Bill. How they met them and how much they admire them. They will be part of their family forever. The actors also got their own band of brothers. I love that. they became brothers. Thats a rare thing!

I have to give this book 5***** It impressed me, Big time! Tears in my eyes when Bill sais; I get alot of letters. Only write back some of the kids. Not the grown ups, because they sell his stuff on ebay. Im so happy im one of those kids….I treasure his letters and the signed illustration of Taking out the Canons in Normandy. He loved the poem i wrote for the paratroopers. He has a special place in mij heart forever!

bill 1


beyond bob

Dick Winters his own story. He tells stories about his time in the army and ww2.

This book has more details then the tv-series and Band of Brothers book.

As a fan i really love this book. Because you get to know the man a bit better. The way he tells his (his)story, has you hooked right from the start!

The book starts with his life before the war. He tells about his family, school and studies.

Before easy company he allready joined the army. He went to officersschool.

You will recognize things from the Band of Brothers book and series. Some sentences are in the series. Other things are new. Like a bit of payback towards Sobel. A fake surgery. Sobel was a bully, no doubt about it. But you really cant hide your feelings: The bounding between the soldiers started because of him.

You get the know Winters alot better. The way he thinks….. He also writes about his penpal and his family. He shows you more pieces of his heart.

Winters speaks about soldiers you didnot see in the series. He also speaks alot about Talbert.

The time they spent in Aldbourne was alot longer then i realized. They stayed there 9 months or so. Winters and Harry Welsh stayed with the Barnes family. They became his 2nd family. The personal pictures make the story real.

Winters had alot of humor, its sad that he passed away. But his memory will always stay alive.

He tells about the toccoa men with so much pride. They are his family. He had doubts in the war, but he kept on leading and protected his men. He doesnt liked to be called a hero. The heroes stayed behind in the graves with white crosses.

The part about Holland is alot longer. He speaks about rain (contant rain) and foxholes. Also the part about the Rhine.

After the war he went back to Normandy and europe several times. He speaks about his men with love and is in tears because he keeps losing more and more of them.

In the end of the book,he has made a list about leadership and what to do….

This book made me laugh and shed my tears. The things he has seen, he had to live with it every day. He became one of my heroes.

This book is 5*****. I would give more stars i fit was possible. This is one of the best books ever!

William *Wild Bill* Guarnere

This one of the books that changed my life :Band of Brothers.

You get a look inside the daily fights in ww2, seen through the eyes of the paratroopers who fought for our freedom. Heroes!

When the HBO series came out… I was overwhelmed. The acting is so good! Also the documentary with the real paratroopers is so emotional and touches your heart.

I love every single paratrooper in real life and in the series!  I want to put Bill in the spotlight. Hè wrote you back when you took the time to write and send him a letter. His letters Where charming and sweet.

Hè is watching over us now. An angel in the sky. Hè passed away in March  2014.

One of my treasures is the signed print of the canons   (scène in band of Brothers)

Bill was born  in Philly on 28 april 1924. Hè reminded me of my grandpa. Even after all that has happend to this men, They kept on living and followed their heart.

The actor,  Frank John Hughes who played Bill was awesome.  Just like the whole cast!

Bill was funny and would always listen to you. He had an attitude towards the enemy.

One of his best friends Babe  (Heffron) was always by his side.  They shone like diamonds. They still do!!

Bill inspired me to go to Italy… Where his Brother fought and died. Standing there in that beautifull nature it was hard to believe that there ever was a war. Hidden behind the trees there was a cenetary.  A German ww2 burial ground. Untill then Ive Never ever seen one…. I payed my respect to the soldiers.  They fought on the wrong site.  But they werent all evil. The normal soldier fought to stay alive.  Thats something my grandpa used to say. The real heroes died in the war. Thats what Bill could have Said.  Its doublé But I understand them. Nazi’s Where bad. The real SS was bad. Normal soldiers could have been you or me. My grandpa was forced to work in an ammunution fabric. His ww2 was terrible. But hè met my grandma because of it. Bad things can produce goodness.  See the goodness in people.  A wise lesson ☺

Bill (the real one and the actor)on youtube

Website Willdbillmemorial

Facebook Wild Bill Guernere

Ive been to Bastogne and several museums. Burned candles on graves of soldiers  ( even for a few german soldiers). Ive seen pictures… read  books. …saw the Dakota fly….. and Ive seen the tanks. …. weapons and am very glad to have known Bill  Just a little bit. Hè is the first person who came to life for real… I met him as a soldier in a book and later I got a letter.  One of my heroes for ever.

Hè will live on in many hèarts,  books and on the big screen. Online there are several sites wich remember him.

Gone But Never Forgotten.